Summer Hair With Snappee! June 02 2016 1 Comment

Summer, summer time! Yes, it’s almost summer time, and that means fun in the sun! Here at Snappee we created a few fun, beachy hairstyles that you can easily recreate when you hit the beach this summer. We love these hairstyles because they are not only easy to achieve but require little to no additional products! Just your hair and your Snappees. Here they are!

The Inverted Half Up Do

Grabbing lunch? Doing a little shopping before hitting the beach? This style is perfect to keep your hair out of the way and also gives you that effortless look, which we absolutely love!



1. Start with freshly washed hair, little to no product and/or no heat (or ladies second hair day!).
2. Next, detangle your hair with a brush or by finger combing.
3. Section the top half of your hair into a half ponytail, (at this time, you can fix your ponytail to your liking i.e. smoothing out bumps, or styling your bangs)
4.Secure your ponytail with your favorite Snappee, we first used only one to keep the hair in place.
5. Next split your hair just above where you secured your Snappee (make sure there is enough room).
6. Flip the rest of your ponytail inward through the parted opening, giving you an effortless twist.
7. We can’t get enough of our Snappees so we added another one for extra security and style!
8. Volia!

The Bubble Ponytail

If you like to keep your hairstyles simple, the bubble ponytail is perfect for you! With this hairstyle you can achieve any activity such as swimming in the ocean or playing beach volleyball. This style allows you to participate in any activity while looking stunning (do your thing girl!). 

  1. Now that you have learned how to create an inverted half do, put your skills to work and start off with an inverted half up ponytail. (Refer to style one to refresh your memory if you need to).
  2. Next, gather the remaining hair into a low ponytail and secure with a Snappee. (Here you can secure to your preference i.e a tight or loose grip).
  3. Here comes the bubble part, proceed about two inches down your ponytail and secure with another Snappee. The trick is to softly tug on the hair with your fingers between your two Snappees to create the bubble effect.
  4. Repeat Step 3 for the remainder of your ponytail. We recommend to tug each section before continuing. (For a cool color effect, mix and match your favorite Snappee colors).
  1. All done!

Regular Braids Meet Fishtail Pony

If the beach is your go to place to relax, let us help you look cute while doing it! This style is ideal for tanning or taking a little nap on the beach (sign us up!) Although it may seem difficult to achieve, it is extremely easy to do, plus you do not have to worry about your hair blowing in the wind while you relax at the beach.


  1. First start by taking a small section of hair towards the right of your face. (For this style, part your hair down the center.)
  2. Begin to french braid the small section of hair, the trick is to only incorporate outside hair to the braid until the braid reaches your ear then just continue with a regular braid.
  3. Repeat Step 2, with the left section of your hair. Once you reach the bottom, grab both braids and secure the braids with a Snappee where they meet.
  4. Now move on to creating a fishtail pony. Gather up the remaining of your hair and divide your hair into two sections.
  5. Start with the right side, take a small piece of hair from the farthest right and cross it over to the left section.
  6. For the left section take another small piece of hair from the farthest left and cross it over to the right section.
  7. Continue the fishtail braid by repeating Steps 5 & 6, until you reach the end, and secure with a Snappee.
  8. We lightly tugged on individual pieces of the hair to achieve this loose look. (This also makes your braid look bigger and fuller).
  9. Ta-da!

Summertime is for tanning, and enjoying summer activities in the sun, but let us not forget how harmful sun rays can be to our hair. That is why we prepared some hair do’s that require little to no additional harsh chemicals that can damage your hair even further (plus these are easy to create). By following our “how to” guide to these three gorgeous summer hair do’s we can ensure you that your summer will be made up of nothing but fun in the sun (and let’s not forget great hair!)