4 Ways to Maintain Your Hair at Night December 17 2018

The way you maintain your natural hair at night can make a big difference to how your hair looks and feels. Not just for tomorrow, but for many weeks, months, and years to come!

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Sleep takes up 8 hours of the day. That’s one-third of the day you could spend making your hair look fantastic, without tons of effort.

It’s the perfect time to set the hair for the next day, and it will make your morning routine MUCH easier because you won’t be dealing with frizz and unmanageable hair.

Of course, you should always moisturize your hair and put a satin bonnet or silk scarf on… but what else can you do? In this post, you’ll find out 4 things you can do to make sure you have great hair in the morning.



1 Twists or Braids

This one is a favorite of many naturals because it’s an easy way to keep the hair organized, and it makes an interesting manipulated curl pattern by the time it dries.

If you’re already familiar with twists on a long wash day, then you know how long it takes to set this style on wet hair. If you do twists at night, will it dry by morning, or will you be left with damp frizz?

The key to setting a great twist-out or braid-out overnight, is to start with slightly damp hair and to avoid applying heavy products.

You won’t have a lot of extra product that needs to dry, and you won’t have any product buildup and flaking that comes from re-applying heavy curl creams.

Simply spray your hair until slightly damp, and then re-twist and put your bonnet on before you lay down at night. Be careful with how much you spray. If you spray too much, it won’t be dry by morning.

Also, experiment with how many twists or braids you make for this redo session. Can you get away with spending only 5 minutes each night and making very few twists?

It could be that 3-4 chunky twists are enough to mold a nice frizz-free look that you can then wear in a puff or updo with your Snappees the following day.


2 Pineapple

The pineapple is one of the most popular ways to maintain natural hair at night and it does an amazing job of preserving the volume of natural hair because you’re placing all of the hair on top of your head.

Have you noticed that the back or top-back part of your hair is constantly flat? This is a common trait in naturals because of the friction that happens while we sleep.

If you’re a back-sleeper, you’re most likely flattening your hair for 5-8 hours during the night. It gets difficult to make a come-back after laying on your hair in one spot for so long.

The pineapple allows you to get good shut-eye without compromising the volume of your curls. The only drawback to the pineapple method is that you may end up with a ponytail holder crease, but this shouldn’t matter if you’ll be doing a high puff or other updo style in the morning.

Pineapples are easy to do if you’re tired and need a quick way to protect your curls for the night. To do a pineapple, gather your hair to the front of your head and wrap 1-2 Snappees around the bunch.

Then put your satin bonnet on or wrap your hair in a silk scarf, allowing the ponytail or puff to come out at the top.

 natural woman

3 Preserving an Afro or Wash and Go

Making an afro or wash and go last for longer than just one day is tricky because you’re not using any manipulated setting or curl patterns. It’s just you and your curls that need preserving, and it takes some effort to make sure they don’t tangle, mat, or flatten overnight.

The key is to strategically place loose and chunky twists in areas likely to flatten or mat—like the back. Use your Snappees for this technique, and don’t make them tight or too organized. In fact, you want them uneven and you’ll want to avoid fully parting or dividing the hair.

You can also use bobby pins to hold the twists, to maintain volume, and to keep the curls in clumps.

Then, place a jumbo satin bonnet on your hair overnight. The large bonnet will help to avoid flattening your curls. In the morning, spritz your hair with a little water and remove your twists or hair ties. Fluff or pick out your hair, and voila!

Here’s a great video on this method:

How to preserve your Afro at night | Night time routine for thick, kinky, curly hair by Keziah Dhamma.



4 Maintaining Straight Natural Hair

It takes time to blow dry or flat iron your hair, and every straightening session carries a risk that you may be damaging your hair.

So, the last thing you want is a bout of frizz to come in and revert it prematurely. If you’re going to do it, do it right. Getting the most out of your straight hair means preserving it each night so that it stays straight until you’re ready for a wash.

Wraps suit straight-haired naturals very well, because they keep the hair stretched, but they don’t create a curl pattern like twists or braids would.

Plus, wraps are very protective and even stylish. If Rihanna can rock her wrap out in public, so can we.

Wraps cover the front part of your hair well. To make the wrap, begin by parting your hair on the side, and wrapping your hair completely around your head. Secure it with bobby pins as you go.

Straight hair works well with silk scarves instead of bonnets because they compress the hair and help to keep it straight.

Using these night maintenance routines will preserve your hairstyle and make next-day styling breezy. They serve to protect the hair so that it stays organized and free of tangles.

Developing a good night routine is one of the best choices you can make as a natural. What do you do to maintain your hair at night?