Styling Big Hair with Snappee; Twists, Braids & Locs March 13 2015

Styling Big Hair With Snappee

Twists, Braids, & Locs

Whether you’re rocking twists like Brandy, stay braided up like Beyonce, or sporting gorgeous faux locs like Zendaya, you've probably experienced one of the following problems.: either your hair tie is too tight and it breaks or it's not big enough to fit multiple times around your ultra thick hair.

You try to stretch your old elastic hair tie wide enough to fit around your hair, and before you even get your hair through it, your rubber-band breaks right at the melted seam! But let's imagine that you manage to get your hair into the rubber band without it breaking, except this time the elastic is too tight for you to wrap more than once so you're stuck with a loose and sloppy ponytail. The elastic is simply not flexible enough to meet your needs.

Luckily for you, Snappee does the trick! Our no damage hair tie is an extra stretchy and extra soft hair accessory that can support your hair. Because of the snap off technology, you are able to snap multiple hair ties together to create the perfect strength and length to fit your hair.


 Above you can see the luscious braids of one of our friends wrapped neatly and securely with a few Snappees. She also shows a braided style with just one Snappee holding it in place. Meanwhile, he's done the wrap and snap with his loss and has no damage when taking the hair tie out.