Styling Big Hair with Snappee; Twists, Braids & Locs March 13 2015

Styling Big Hair With Snappee

Twists, Braids, & Locs

Whether you’re rocking twists like Brandy, stay braided up like Beyonce, or sporting gorgeous faux locs like Zendaya, you've probably experienced one of the following problems.: either your hair tie is too tight and it breaks or it's not big enough to fit multiple times around your ultra thick hair.

You try to stretch your old elastic hair tie wide enough to fit around your hair, and before you even get your hair through it, your rubber-band breaks right at the melted seam! But let's imagine that you manage to get your hair into the rubber band without it breaking, except this time the elastic is too tight for you to wrap more than once so you're stuck with a loose and sloppy ponytail. The elastic is simply not flexible enough to meet your needs.

Luckily for you, Snappee does the trick! Our no damage hair tie is an extra stretchy and extra soft hair accessory that can support your hair. Because of the snap off technology, you are able to snap multiple hair ties together to create the perfect strength and length to fit your hair.


 Above you can see the luscious braids of one of our friends wrapped neatly and securely with a few Snappees. She also shows a braided style with just one Snappee holding it in place. Meanwhile, he's done the wrap and snap with his loss and has no damage when taking the hair tie out.

Learn to Love Your Hair February 26 2015

Learn to Love Your Hair

5 Simple Tips for Loving the Hair You Have

With Valentine's Day upon us, we thought it especially apropos to talk about


It's not always easy to love the hair atop our head. It can be especially difficult for those of you transitioning to your natural hair style for the first time. It can be very frustrating to feel as if you have no control over your locks, but a little love can go a long way. That's why we came up with this simple list of ways to practice loving our hair! But don't stop there, apply these tips and practice self love as well!

1. Be Gentle

Truly touch your hair with care and consideration. Try finger combing your hair in the shower in preparation for brushing/combing. Use gentle, non-damaging products such as the Snappee Hair Tie or silk wraps to treat your hair right. 


2. Take Your Time

Take your time to detangle with care. We recommend a wide tooth comb and a Denman brush for getting the rest of the pesky knots out safely. When styling, be mindful of causing damage for the sake of saving time. What's the rush? 

3. Give Yourself the Best

It may take a bit of time (and money) to test out hair products, but once you have found your regimen don't skimp. You and your hair deserve the very best and don't you forget it! Some of our favorites include Wen, Kinky Curlyand Shea Moisture (pictured left), Moroccan Oil (not pictured) and Snappee Hair Ties of course!

4. Stay Hydrated

Challenge yourself to drink more water every day. Use a moisturizing conditioner, leave-in conditioner, and a deep conditioner from time to time. Another tip is avoiding over-processing and handling your hair - try protective hair styles. At night, put your hair up in a pineapple or wrap your hair in a scarf.

5. Accept Your Quirks

This may be the most challenging and quite possibly the most important tip for loving your hair, and loving yourself! Sometimes it feels like our hair has a mind of it's own. Go with it! Our quirks are what make us unique. Love every aspect of who you are including the cowlicks, grey hairs, varying textures and all!

6. Join Curl College!

I've created a new online education for women who want to grow healthy natural hair the easy way!

In Curl College you will receive:

Online Courses & Video Lessons That Teach You How To Care For Your Natural Hair Such As:
  • The Perfect Wash Day Routine
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  • The Ultimate Guide To Curl Definition
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And much much more because we’re constantly adding new courses to support you and give you what you need on your natural hair journey.

With Curl College you will also get weekly Facebook Live Calls where we will share and support each other through our natural hair journeys :D