Workout Tips for Thick, Curly Hair May 18 2018

Looking for workout tips for thick, curly hair? You probably already know that working out is great for hair growth, but you may be concerned that the sweat and activity is too rough on your natural hair.

However, your hair goals shouldn’t ever deter you from building up a good sweat. After all, the body is far more important than the hair.

Instead, do your research and develop a regimen that includes the workout. In this post, you’ll learn how to take care of your curls while you exercise.

 Yoga Class


Benefits of Exercise for Curly Hair

Working out is great for the body, and it can stimulate hair growth. The scalp is the highest point on our bodies, and it can be hard to get nutrition to the follicles.

In fact, it is theorized that people who experience balding will usually see the hair loss on the top of their heads because that is the area that lacks blood circulation the most.

Exercise helps hair growth by sending more blood to feed the hair follicles. All exercise is effective, but many women swear by doing yoga for hair growth.

Yoga has positions that require you to place the crown of your head toward the floor. This move will nourish the follicles. Yoga will ease stress too, another condition that hinders hair growth.


Scalp Care Comes First

You probably weren’t expecting scalp care to be on this list, but taking care of the skin and follicles should be a top priority.

The skin is the largest organ of the body and building up a great sweat is your body’s primary means of getting rid of waste. If you’re building up a sweat under your arms, it is likely that your head is also perspiring under the hair.

Here are two tips to take care of your scalp:

Wash More Frequently. Many naturals advocate washing only once per week and doing co-washing. However, that may not work if you’re athletic or active. It’s crucial to clean your scalp to rid of grime, sweat, dead skin, and toxins after exercising. Not doing so will leave you vulnerable to bacterial and fungal infections.

Plus, not washing may give you an itchy scalp. Scratching can hurt your hair follicles and impede hair growth. Try adding an additional wash day during the week, or at least doing an apple cider vinegar rinse midweek to ward off predators. You could also try washing every five days instead of seven.

Keep Your Scalp Dry. Try to avoid having a constantly wet scalp. Fungi thrives in moist, dark, and dirty areas. It also loves keratin. Fungus like malassezia can feed off your scalp and roots, and seriously hurt hair growth. 

If you can’t squeeze in another wash day, aim to at least dry your scalp after you exercise. If you’ve worn a hat or scarf to the workout, take it off afterwards. Then, lift your hair and let the air hit your scalp. You could also try standing in front of the gym fan for two minutes after class to dry your scalp quicker.


Woman Exercising


Taking Care of Your Natural Hair During the Workout

Taking care of your curls during the workout will help you avoid breakage and damage. Sweat is salty, and that can lead to dryness on your strands.

Here are some tips to help:

  • Protect Your Ends from the Sweat. Your ends are the oldest part of your mane, and you’ll need to protect them to grow long, healthy hair. Try keeping them away from the sweat by doing a pineapple or high puff.
  • Cover Your Hair. Now is the perfect time to bring out the cute scarf or cap to protect your hair. Just remember to take it off when the workout is done to let the scalp dry.
  • Wear a Head Band. Head bands are excellent for protecting your edges and the rest of your scalp from sweat because they absorb and hold water. Remember to remove it at the end of your workout and wash it to prevent microbes from gathering. 

 High Puff

Best Hairstyles for Working Out with Curly Hair

Styling your hair in a special way before your workout can be an effective move for retaining the length you’ve worked hard to grow.

Here are some of the best hairstyles for working out:

  • High Puff. A high puff will help to keep your ends up and out of the sweat. Use your Snappee hair ties to avoid breakage. Snap two hair ties together and wrap it around the hair. Then snap the closure. Keep it loose to avoid placing too much tension on your edges. Snappees will also make getting ready for the gym faster.
  • Pineapple. A pineapple involves wrapping your hair with a silk or sating scarf and letting the curls on top flow freely. This style is attractive, and it will help to keep curls off your neck. Plus, the material will absorb some of the wetness.
  • Low Bun. Low buns are a very protective style for natural hair because they keep the hair stretched and organized. Keeping it this way at the gym will help to avoid breakage and damage, especially if you braid the hair and tuck the end.
  • Twists. If you need to be somewhere after the gym, try twisting your hair before you work out. Twisting is a clever way to keep it stretched and frizz-free while it gets damp. Then remove the twists after the workout. Be sure and lift the twists to let cool air dry your scalp and roots before you undo the twists.

Remember, the most important thing about working out is maintaining a healthy body. Don’t allow a little sweat to deter you from working out with natural hair. Follow the tips above to keep your hair in good shape, and enjoy your workout!

Now, it’s your turn. Do you have any workout tips for thick, curly hair?