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Bedtime Satin Bundle, 5-Piece Set

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Our most popular bundle, the Bedtime Satin bundle comes packed with all the smooth, silky goodness that your natural hair needs.  We love it because its the perfect way to protect curls through the night for one simple reason:

Dry natural hair does not grow. 

So why should you have it any other way?  Satin protects moisture  from leaving the hair and that's what you need. The bundle, which includes our massive 35"x17" headscarf, adjustable velvet bonnet, and stretchy oversized scrunchies makes for the ultimate bedtime hair essentials. 

Looks like having a good hair day starts the night before. 


- Satin Headscarf

- Adjustable Satin-lined Nighttime Bonnet

- Oversized Afro Puff Scrunchies

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