Moisture Bundle

Moisture Bundle

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Secret Hair Growth Formula Course

Moisture Max 

We ❤️ moisture! The Mango Moringa Moisture Max System includes four revolutionary products that work together to make your natural hair routine EASY every day.

#1: Mango Moringa Moisture Max Shampoo, 8 oz is a regenerative cleanser that has the power to lock in moisture and define curls without stripping away your natural oils.

#2: Mango Moringa Moisture Max Conditioner, 8 oz is a nutritive conditioner that yields maximum moisture to your curls and offers plenty of slip for easy detangling.

#3: Mango Moringa Moisture Max Styling Cream, 8 oz offers a soft hold without the crunch, and it’s ideal for creating easy hairstyles you’ll love.

#4: Mango Moringa Moisture Max Gel, 8 oz is the revolutionary game-changer that will give your curls long-lasting shine, health, and definition — without the flaky buildup.

Black Satin Bonnet 

This innovative product is the best way to wake up with healthy, damage-free curls you’ll love. Here are the benefits to wearing the Night Time Bonnet every night: save time, grows longer hair, and protects your edges.

2 pillowcases 

You need a butter-smooth satin pillowcase that helps you maintain moisture so you don’t wake up with a dry, tangled mess in the morning.

Here are the benefits of using a SwirlyCurly Satin Pillowcase:

  • Protects curly natural hair and keeps moisture intact.
  • Provides luxurious comfort so you can get your beauty sleep.
  • Prevents tangles, breakage, and damage on curly natural hair.
  • Preserves natural moisture in skin to reduce the signs of aging.
  • Saves time and effort every morning. 

Turban Towel

Our dual side microfiber turban towel cuts down drying time during wash day and also can be worn at night to protect your curls!

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