CurlCollege Product Bundle, 5-Piece Set

CurlCollege Product Bundle, 5-Piece Set

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Each bundle pack contains:

Pearl White Velvet Nighttime Hair Bonnets with EdgeProtect™

Satin-Lined Nighttime Hair Bonnet with EdgeProtect™ & FREE Travel Bag | Keeps Naturally Curly Hair Moisturized & Protected While You Sleep. The Night Time Bonnet features three snaps so you can adjust it to fit your head size, with no slippage. Woohoo! Ready to get a comfy night’s sleep and wake up with great curls in the morning?

Creame Adjustable Headband with EdgeProtect™

You want fun styles for your natural hair. And you want exciting colors that match your chic vibe …Problem is, most headbands on the market are too cheap and thin, and this results in an unattractive, bumpy look. And worse, when you look closely into the mirror, you’re pretty sure your hairline is starting to thin. Ugggh.

Gold Satin Head Scarf for Naturally Curly Hair

Picture this … your alarm clock has just gone off and you realize you totally forgot to “set” your natural hairstyle the night before.Normally, waking up with messy hair would be a problem, but not today … all because you made a smart decision to stock a couple SwirlyCurly Headscarves in your drawer.

The Luxe Frizz-Reducing Turban Towel

Frizz is a fact of natural hair life for most curlies. We try our best to define our curls and keep them healthy, but frizz still creeps in, even on the best of hair days. The Turban Towel will help you reduce frizz and look great while you do it. It's the ultimate self-care tool.

Leopard Oversized, Thick 'Afro-Puff' Scrunchies™

The struggle is real. You’ve tried every hair tie out there, but nothing seems to work right for your big, thick and curly natural hair.To make things worse, you feel like some of these cheap, elastic hair ties are causing breakage and damage on the curls you work hard to grow.If this sounds like you, you’re gonna want to get ahold of some Afro Puff Scrunchies.

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