Hair Growth Bundle + FREE GoGrowCurls Hair Growth Elixir

Hair Growth Bundle + FREE GoGrowCurls Hair Growth Elixir

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Secret Hair Growth Formula Course
Moisture Max 

We ❤️ moisture! The Mango Moringa Moisture Max System includes four revolutionary products that work together to make your natural hair routine EASY every day.

#1: Mango Moringa Moisture Max Shampoo, 8 oz is a regenerative cleanser that has the power to lock in moisture and define curls without stripping away your natural oils.

#2: Mango Moringa Moisture Max Conditioner, 8 oz is a nutritive conditioner that yields maximum moisture to your curls and offers plenty of slip for easy detangling.

#3: Mango Moringa Moisture Max Styling Cream, 8 oz offers a soft hold without the crunch, and it’s ideal for creating easy hairstyles you’ll love.

#4: Mango Moringa Moisture Max Gel, 8 oz is the revolutionary game-changer that will give your curls long-lasting shine, health, and definition — without the flaky buildup.

Black Satin Bonnet 

This innovative product is the best way to wake up with healthy, damage-free curls you’ll love. Here are the benefits to wearing the Night Time Bonnet every night: save time, grows longer hair, and protects your edges.

GoGrowCurls Hair Growth Elixir (shipped at a later date)

The world’s first Organic “Hair Growth Elixir” for afro hair, made from, Black Tea clinical-doses of key natural hair growth-supporting ingredients— to help you get longer, thicker, natural hair in as little as 6 weeks GUARANTEED


The Snappee™ Hair Ties makes your natural curly hair life easier by giving you a snap-on/snap-off feature to use with all your favorite styles: strong and gentle, soft with no slippage, guaranteed ouchless, adjustable, guaranteed for life!


Our Scrunchies make your natural hair life easier by giving you a snap on/snap off feature to use for all your favorite styles. Plus, they’re made with YOUR hair in mind. The Scrunchie is: strong and gentle, soft with no slippage, guaranteed ouchless, adjustable, guaranteed for life!

2 pillowcases 

You need a butter-smooth satin pillowcase that helps you maintain moisture so you don’t wake up with a dry, tangled mess in the morning.

Here are the benefits of using a SwirlyCurly Satin Pillowcase:

  • Protects curly natural hair and keeps moisture intact.
  • Provides luxurious comfort so you can get your beauty sleep.
  • Prevents tangles, breakage, and damage on curly natural hair.
  • Preserves natural moisture in skin to reduce the signs of aging.
  • Saves time and effort every morning. 

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee!
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