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Pre-Order 'The Curl Manifesto. How To Grow Healthy Natural Hair & Reclaim Your Beauty' Ebook & Audiobook

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'The Curl Manifesto. How To Grow Healthy Natural Hair & Reclaim Your Beauty.'

'The Curl Manifesto' is a book for women who are on their own natural hair journey to reclaim their power and beauty.

Written by Keziah Dhamma, founder of the Snappee Hair Tie, Curl College and CEO of Swirly Curly. Keziah draws from her nine years of experience of going from straightened relaxed hair to luscious natural hair.

Keziah shares with you the key lessons that allowed her to become a hair model and a leader in the natural hair movement.

In this book you will learn the methods and techniques to grow healthy natural hair as well as learning how to express even more of your natural beauty.

In 'The Curl Manifesto' you'll learn:

a) How To Wash Your Hair For More Curl Definition with Guaranteed Results EVERY TIME.

b) The ONE THING You Must Do For Rapid Healthy Hair Growth.

c) Why Most Women FAIL To Transition To Natural Hair And How You Can Avoid The Mindset Traps!

d) How To Have A Healthy Scalp With No Flaking Or Soreness.

e) What Products Work And Which Ones Actually DAMAGE Your Hair! 

And much much more...

Pre-Order the ebook and audiobook for the Curl Manifesto now and get it as soon as it's released in September 2018.