Two Packs of Afro Puff Scrunchies – SWIRLYCURLY

Two Packs of Afro Puff Scrunchies

$ 39.99 USD

"I Made These Scrunchies for my Ladies with BIG & Thick Hair! Countless Professional Styles are now Easy"

Keziah Dhamma- SwirlyCurly Founder & Product Creator

  • These stylish Afro Puff Scrunches are thick enough to hold even the biggest and thickest hair in the perfect puff!

  • Strong hold and no slippage you can keep your puff all day long.

  • They snap on and off so they’re easy to take out of your hair with no damage.

  • Snap two or more together to get the perfect size for your hair.

  • Machine washable & dryer safe so you can easily clean and reuse them.

  • The soft nylon/spandex mix of fabric is gentle on your hair and keeps moisture in your curls.

  • The soft fabric causes no hair damage, breakage or headaches.

  • For an even softer and more luxurious look, try the new Black Velvet AfroPuff Scrunchie™.