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Personal Hair Consultation with Keziah (1/2hr Private Zoom session)

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Want more personal help with your hair?

Keziah Dhamma, Founder of SwirlyCurly, CurlCollege and author of The SwirlyCurly Method. The EASY Step by Step Guide to Getting The Natural Curls You Love!'  will personally consult with you via a private Zoom video call.

Keziah will answer all of your personal questions you may have about you or your daughters hair in this intimate phone call.

Is your hair not growing as fast as you would like?

Dry scalp or hair breakage?

Going through a tough transition?

Is your hair currently damaged and you don't know what to do?

Whatever you're going through, Keziah can help.

Once you tick the box to add this private one on one session to your order you will be sent an email with a link to Keziah's calendar. There you can find a time and date that works with your schedule to book and speak to Keziah one on one to GET YOUR PROBLEM SOLVED personally by Keziah.

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