Snappee PINK 4 Packs – SWIRLYCURLY

Snappee PINK 4 Packs

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Pink Snappee™ Hair Ties by Swirly Curly

Premium Hair Ties For Thick, Kinky & Curly Hair!

  • Easy to remove from hair, with just a snap so you have no more tangles, breakage or damage.

  • Extra soft hair ties so they're gentle on your hair.

  • Extra Stretchy material so it fits even the biggest of hair.

  • Snap two Snappees™ together and use to create 'Puff' ;-)

All Snappee™ Hair Ties come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. If these hair ties ever stretch out, wear out or break, we will replace them FOR FREE, FOR LIFE!
Color: Pink.
*Patent Pending*